Speak Out. Together against Racism and Sexism.
Sharing Experiences of Discrimination. Fighting back Together.

A Narrative and Media Project for Migrant Women and Women of Color

At the IAF of the KH Freiburg, the project "Speak Out against Racism and Sexism!", funded by the federal program "Demokratie leben!", started in March 2023.  In Speak out! migrant women from the region of Freiburg can connect to share and publicize experiences of multiple discriminations - e.g. as a visible Muslim woman, a Black Woman or as a refugee. Speak out! also adresses gender discrimination. Intergenerational teams are invited to develop good strategies for standing up together against discrimination and racism.

Will start with a biographical dialogue. Actors are invited to share their multiple experiences of discrimination and to discuss anti-racist perspectives in a tandem arrangement. This dialogue will be documented and shared through digital media.
In the course of Speak out! the protagonists then can develop formats for public intervention. In a participatory research process, they will experiment with digital media and try their presence in public spaces. 

In doing so, they will emerge as persons with agency. Focal points of their interventions are set on coping strategies and resistance to racism and discrimination. Here, for example, female protagnonists can appear as experienced witnesses in different democratic educational contexts. As a pilot project, Speak out! will develop an educational concept for migrants and people of color. A pool of witnesses for schools and adult education settings will be established.

Speak out! is to be tested in the region of Freiburg and will cooperate with the Migrants‘ Council and the Office for Migration and Integration of the City of Freiburg and will involve the associations Fairburg and Feministische Geschichtswerkstatt Freiburg. Accompanying federal partners include Forum of International Women Baden-Württemberg the Democracy Center of Baden-Württemberg.

Speak out! is funded by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth (BMFSFJ) and part of the national program "Demokratie leben!" 


Prof. Dr. Nausikaa Schirilla 

Myriam Alvarez - myriam.alvarez@kh-freiburg.de
Birgit Heidtke - birgit.heidtke@kh-freiburg.de

2023 - 2024

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