Application and admission procedure for incoming exchange students

Information for students who want to spend one or two semesters as part of an exchange program at KH Freiburg. The following programs are available at the KH:

ERASMUS+ Students from European partner universities have the opportunity to study as part of the Erasmus+ program for a period of time (one or two semesters) at the Catholic University of Freiburg.

Your path to the KH Freiburg:
Apply at your home university for the ERASMUS+ program. Your home university will send an application to the International Office of the KH Freiburg by e-mail ( You will then receive an e-mail from us with information about the next steps, e.g. which documents you must submit, where you can sign up for an apartment, etc.

Prior to selecting a course and while preparing the Learning Agreement you must get in touch with the future Head of your study program at the KH. The names and email addresses can be found at the bottom on the relevant program pages.

The complete application must be received by the KH Freiburg by May 30th for the winter semester and November 30th for the summer semester.

Important: Non-EU citizens should submit their records approximately 4 months prior to their intended commencement of study due to strict visa regulations.

FACTSHEET for ERASMUS+ Incoming students 2024/25

Baden-Württemberg ScholarshipStudents from all partner universities of KH Freiburg of the KH have the opportunity to avail of the Baden-Württemberg scholarship program to fund one or two semesters of study at KH Freiburg or to fund an internship in Freiburg. The aim of the program is to maintain international contacts between universities and at the same time to promote the exchange of German and foreign students.

The Baden-Württemberg scholarship is awarded by the Baden-Württemberg Stiftung gGmbH. 
Duration: 1 or 2 semesters (min 3, max 11 months) 
Funding: at least 400 EUR per month (600 EUR per month for Master’s students) 
Target groups: all students of partner universities

Your path to the KH Freiburg:
1. Apply at your home university for the BW program
Your home university registers your interest along with your application form to the International Office of the KH Freiburg by e-mail (

2. You will then receive an e-mail with information about the online application and paperwork. The application documents are:

  • CV (German or English) with your photograph
  • reference from a university lecturer at your home university
  • Proof of German language proficiency
  • Confirmation of enrollment at your home university 
  • Transcript of records

3. In order to set up a Learning Agreement you must contact the program director at the KH (you will find his contact information on the homepage of your intended study program)
The complete application must arrive at the KH Freiburg no later than March 20th for the following academic year. 

Learn more: 
Baden-Württemberg Stiftung (
Baden-Württemberg Scholarship (

Other programs: Various programs such as the "DAAD-Eastern Partnerships" and the "DAAD partnership with Japan" promote student exchanges.
For all inquiries please contact the International Office.

Application and admission procedure for incoming free movers Of course, we welcome you to study at the KH Freiburg for one semester or two even if you attend a university which is not our partner institution. Please contact us for further information.

Specialist in International Office, Grants for Study Abroad
Naomi Hiroe-Helbing