What do I have to organize in Germany?

This section offers useful information for planning your move to Freiburg.

Before your arrival

Visa and Immigration
Please check whether you need a visa to enter Germany. The German embassy or consulate is responsible for issuingyou a visa in your home country. Click here for information: www.auswaertiges-amt.de/en

Health insurance
In Germany health insurance is very important, as medical treatment can be very expensive. It is mandatory for each student to prove they have valid health insurance at his/her enrollment. 
More info on this topic is found on the website of the DAAD

Financial Information
In some cases you may be asked to prove that you have sufficient financial resources for the duration of your studies in Germany. This proof may be required when applying for a visa or when applying for a residence permit. 
More information on this topic is available here: „tuition and cost of living“.

Information on finding a place to stay is available on this site: Living in Freiburg.

On arrival in Germany

You should arrive in Freiburg approximately two to three weeks before the start of the semester, so that you are settled before your courses begin and you are able to fully concentrate on your studies from the beginning. 
On arrival to Freiburg you must immediately: 

Register at the registration office in Freiburg (German: Einwohnermeldeamt)

You must register within two weeks after moving into your accommodation by presenting your identity card or passport.

Bürgeramt / Einwohnermeldeamt der Stadt Freiburg
Baslerstr. 2
79111 Freiburg
Phone 0761- 201 0

Apply for a residence permit
Nationals of EU and EEA member states do not require a residence permit. Students from these countries will be issued a certificate of the right of residence (German: Freizügigkeitsbescheinigung), which you may be requested to show when you register with the registration office (Einwohnermeldeamt).

Students from all other countries - even those who can enter Germany without a visa (for example, Japan or the USA) - must apply for a residence permit at the Foreigners' Registration Office (German: Ausländerbehörde) within 90 days of entry or before the expiration of the visa:

Ausländerbehörde der Stadt Freiburg (Amt für öffentliche Ordnung)
Baslerstr. 2
79111 Freiburg
Phone 0761- 201 4932 

Open a bank account
In order to be able to make payments (for example to pay rent) you should open a checking account at a local bank as soon as possible. You will need your ID card or your passport, the certificate of the registration office, and the enrollment certificate from the KH Freiburg. Most banks offer a student checking account which is free of charge.

Specialist in International Office, Grants for Study Abroad
Naomi Hiroe-Helbing