Alumni of KH Freiburg

Marianne Haardt

Diploma Social Pedagogy
Position: Director of the Foundation of the City of Freiburg

"In the reality of social work today, skilled specialists with multiple qualifications are in great demand. The bachelor’s and master’s programmes at KH Freiburg are excellent opportunities to obtain these qualifications."

Bernd Seiwert

Diploma Social Pedagogy
Position: Head of Department of Social Affairs, Government of Saarland

"My studies provided me with a solid scientific and ethical foundation for my professional practice. I am particularly grateful for the creative impulses I received from visual arts courses and the cabaret."

Birgit Wiloth-Sacherer

Diploma Social Work
Position: Executive director of the German Red Cross, regional association of Baden; Freiburg

"I regard the excellent integration of theory and praxis I have experienced in my studies as an important foundation for my professional development. I also greatly enjoyed teaching at KH Freiburg which unfortunately I had to give up due to time constraints."

Josef Follmann

Diploma Social Pedagogy
Position: Head of Division for Migration and Integration at Freiburg Diocesan Caritas Association, Germany

"The course specialisation residential child care with its wide range of core subjects layed the foundation for me to be open minded and to stand up for the needs of people."

Franz-Josef Schwarzkopf

Master of Arts Applied Ethics in Healthcare and Social Work
Position: Head of the Department of Association Development and Organisational Development and director of the Catholic Youth Welfare Academy for Research and Education/Catholic Youth Welfare Service of the Diocese of Augsburg; Augsburg, Germany

"I particularly appreciated the support and advice of the faculty’s staff: The people at KH Freiburg do more than just teach concepts. They actively and authentically live them.”

Simone Schlick

Diploma Social Work
Position: Service Coordinator at The Janet Pomeroy Center and St. Mary‘s Medical Center; San Francisco, USA

"Studying Social Work at the Catholic University of Applied Sciences Freiburg (KH Freiburg) truly shaped my future of being a devoted professional. Not only did I acquire a breadth of basic and advanced competencies for everyday Social Work practice, but I was also encouraged to explore various new opportunities, such as working abroad during one of my practical semesters and furthering my career post graduation. KH Freiburg is a state-of-the-art university that offers a well-rounded studying experience in an intimate environment. The university helps students become competent professionals who passionately work towards increasing human welfare and addressing the needs of various populations."

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