Campus life

Excellent teaching and research is paramount for successful studies, but life outside the classroom is important too. Students of the KH Freiburg enjoy their breaks in our Café Bohne and the Caritas canteen. Public talks and lecture series encourage lively discussions with members of the public. Various artists and specialists are invited to present and exhibit their works, which is a great way of expanding our students' horizons. Our course parties are the perfect way to leave your daily routine behind and help you feel part of the KH Freiburg family. 

The aim of this program is to support the social integration of foreign students on campus and to promote intercultural exchange among national and international students.
Students groups and workshops available include, writing workshops, tutorials in subjects such as Family Law, Child and Youth Welfare Law, trips, barbecues, theatre visits, cooking evenings, German language courses etc.

Mzeo Wegmann (Social work student from Georgia)

What does AStA do?

  • representing the interests and needs of students at our university
  • networking with other institutions within the university and with other colleges or initiatives
  • establishing connections between students and university administration
  • organizing events, coordinating student groups
    Current student groups include: swimming, climbing, volleyball, oriental dance, yoga, mime, speedminton

In Germany, the "Studierendenwerk", is an organisation that provides support services to students. Students can avail of these services by paying a social service contribution to the Studierendenwerk at the beginning of each semester. Services include access to cafeterias, student accommodation, various advice centres, childcare facilities, cultural events, and membership of the International Club of Freiburg, which is the meeting point for all students from Germany and abroad. 

Their websites are: and (German)

Student Services Freiburg offers a low cost or even free leisure and activity program every semester. The program covers cultural events, excursions, sports and recreation as well as seminars dealing with learning techniques, time management, etc.:

Do you like sports? A large number of both popular and competitive sports, health and well-being activities, fitness courses and international sporting events are available to all students in Freiburg. 
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