Exchange Students - ERASMUS+

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ERASMUS policy statement by the KH Freiburg


DAAD projectsThe DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) supports a variety of international projects and services for our students:

DAAD Award for outstanding international students
Thousands of foreign students are enrolled at German universities and colleges each year. These students enrich the university community both culturally and academically. To appreciate this fact, the German Academic Exchange Service provides funding to outstanding foreign students. The prize is worth 1,000 Euros and is awarded annually at the beginning of the academic year in October.

PROFIN - Programm zur Förderung der Integration ausländischer Studierender (Program for the integration of international students)
Our University is committed to the integration of international students. This commitment commenced in 2010 and was supported from 2010 through to 2012 by the DAAD PROFIN program. The University hosts cooking workshops, informal get-togethers, training, cultural events and movie nights to promote international integration. These events are open to ALL students, staff and faculty of the university 

BIS - buddy program for international studentsThe KH Freiburg assists international students with settling in and adjusting to their new life in Freiburg. The aim of this program is to support the social integration of foreign students at the KH Freiburg and to promote intercultural exchange among national and international students.

Japanese Partnership
We have a close relationship with our Japanese partner, Mie University, and organize lecture tours, encourage student and staff mobility, and support joint cross-cultural studies projects on support frameworks in the education and care sectors. The Mie University not only offers programs in medicine and nursing but also in educational science, where students benefit from the University’s on-campus special needs school.   

PROMOS, the mobility program of the DAAD, provides scholarships for short-term stays abroad (of up to 6 months). It supports those students whose projects or destinations do not fit the programs offered by the DAAD or ERASMUS.

Specialist in International Office, Grants for Study Abroad
Naomi Hiroe-Helbing